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All you have to do is enter your NEM address and solve the captcha! Then find more NEM faucets at FaucetDump.
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0.00000000 NEM

A withdrawl button will appear once your balance reaches 0.8 NEM

Withdrawal threshold is calculated based on current faucet rewards, transaction fees and currency value. This threshold is updated regularly. Withdrawals are processed weekly and may take up to 7 days to complete. During periods of high network activity withdrawals may take several weeks to complete.
Remember - you need make a claim at least once every 30 days to keep your account active! Find out more

Some exchanges use a single XEM address for all users and require a 'message'. If this is you, please include your 'message' as part of your XEM address in the following format:


e.g. na2kc3-6u4yih-dvmbek-ggfwbg-oivjmb-5xam7x-2eti/12345678

Alternatively use an exchange that provides users with a unique XEM address or download the NEM Nano Wallet to create your own personal XEM address.


The mining console has now been disabled. You can no longer mine via this website.

The disabling of the mining console is due to Coinhive ceasing operations. You can read their blog post regarding this here.


Date Claim Amount Claim Type


Date Withdrawn Fee Sent Status Transaction ID


Amount to withdraw 0.000000 NEM
Withdrawl fee 0.000000 NEM
You will receive 0.000000 NEM


What is NEM?

NEM (XEM) Is the first private/public blockchain combination.

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There is more to offer as a platform. As a crypto currency, it does not require a lot of computing power and energy to run a node. NEM also advocates low entry barrier with Proof of Importance (POI) instead of the traditional ones that require a lot of stakes or computing power to mine.
NEM is a peer to peer platform and it provides services like payments, messaging, asset making, and naming system.

Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to turn your coin hoard directly into cash or are just looking to make cash off cryptocurrency trading, recommends Changelly. You can buy and sell NEM instantly with their easy to use interface. It couldn't be easier to start trading like a pro!

Inactive accounts

To ensure the highest possible payouts, it is necessary to free up NEM claimed by users that no longer use the faucet.

If you have not made a claim in the last 30 days your account will be deemed inactive and your non-withdrawn balance will be forfeited. Any referrals you have made will also be removed from the system.